Patricia Mc Kenna works in multi-media and installation. Her work includes the installations "The Grey House" and "Soil" which were part of the series Marking the Land. Her work is generally process and time based and deals with concerns of how Place is contested and constructed.

She has exhibited in Ireland, USA, England and Europe. She has received Arts Council Awards and Travel Grants. Her recent work includes:

She has participated in Residencies including the Artists Work Programme at IMMA (1997), Art Boundaries Unlimited, Tallahassee, Florida USA (2004), The Rockefeller Foundation Residence Award, Bellagio, Italy (2002).

Her work has been documented and referenced in several publications including two volumes of Art and Architecture of Ireland, Sculpture, Twentieth Century by Royal Irish Academy 2015, Sculpture Magazine (USA), Visual Politics of Psychoanalysis: Art in Post — Traumatic Culture, Griselda Pollock 2013.

She has also been a nominee for the IMMA / Glen Dimplex award.